Filming in the Park

From Enable:

“An extra-large production, filming exteriors at the Fountains vista steps, will be happening in Battersea Park between 24 April until 8 May 2024.
The Prep for the shoot will commence on Wednesday 24 April – 30 April 2024. 
NB. There will be no works at the weekend. 

Preparation will see the area at the top of the Fountains and the Fountains vista steps being transformed into the front entrance of a Zoo. The production will be installing freestanding builds of the set which will be the ‘Main Entrance’ and the front interior of the Zoo. There will be 1 filming day, Wednesday 1 May 2024, and 2 strike days, Thursday 2 and Friday 3 May 2024.

The sequences being filmed consist of the aftermath of an explosion. Scenes filmed will include supporting artists; emergency vehicles – Ambulances; Police Cars; response workers etc.  Action Vehicles will be parked up on North Carriage Drive to film the sequences. Parts of North Carriage Drive will consequently be closed off for filming and this closure will be managed by the Parks Police team as well as traffic management from the production company. ‘Advance Warning’ signage for the planned road closure will be installed in the park ahead of the filming day. 
Please note – Met Police Officers will be on site for the duration of the film shoot to oversee the shoot.  The actual shoot day will see many supporting artists and crew on site.

Access to the Fountains steps will remain during the prep and strike days. Once the set builds are in situ, these set areas will be fenced off and security will remain on site 24/7 until the end of the strike days. 

On the filming day, the Fountains area will be closed off and the area will remain so during the film shoot to ensure everyone’s safety.
The prep and strike days will be managed by the Film team and the filming day will see the shoot being managed by the Film Team, Parks Police Team, Locations Team, Traffic management and overall overseen by 2 x Met Police Officers.
Tech Vehicles 

The production’s technical vehicles will be located on North Carriage Drive; at the Bandstand and alongside the Boules Area in Battersea Park on the 30 April and 1 May only.”

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