Sad news concerning the swans

Very sadly, we must inform you the female swan has died. From her behaviour in her last hours the cause is thought to be bird flu or complications from being egg bound.

The male was aware she died and will in due course decide if he wishes to stay and find a new mate or if he wishes to leave and go elsewhere.

If he had not seen her die he would pine for some time expecting her to return.

It is likely that whatever he does, other swans will come into the lake and battle for territory across this spring / summer.

Whilst this can seem distressing it is perfectly natural that some adult birds die for a range of reasons before they reach old age and equally it is to be expected that prime locations such as the lake are sought after by pairs wishing to establish a territory for themselves.

It is highly unlikely that the eggs that have been laid will hatch. There will however, as always, be plenty of other young waterfowl to watch and enjoy as well as the juvenile herons who are currently learning to fly so hopefully lots to watch and enjoy.

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